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Welcome to The Little Blue Boutique

Opening a Boutique has been a dream of mine for quite some time! Every time I would walk into a cute little store and wish it was mine. How fun would it be to get to pick out other clothes and find unique items for other women, moms and children?! I've been trying to piece things together for a while now and brain storm how I could make this a reality. So I looked into all the "business" stuff, but choosing a name was hard! 

The name Blue is so close to my heart, it's my mom's maiden name and I spent a lot of time with my "Blue" Grandparents. My grandma kept everything! So having seen all of her old shoes and clothes and pictures of her in her younger years, I know she was a very fashionable woman. Not only was she fashionable, she was stubborn and strong and would ALWAYS tell you like it was. I miss her so much but here's a little way to remember her, keep her close to my heart and hope she would be proud. 

So with support lots of support from my family and friends, I have finally taken a leap of faith and jumped right in! I hope to make a place where you feel like you can find something unique that's just for you and that you'll be able to tell how much heart and work has been put into this dream. Someday I hope to have a brick and mortar store front for you to walk into, feel the fabrics, try on the clothes and connect with community but until then I'm here to encourage you to chase your dreams too! They will always be worth it! 

I hope you'll enjoy The Little Blue Boutique! 



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